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Larry, John, LaCroix, Manon, Robert, Henry, Nancy, Tim


Larry set topic: Next steps for the KSF


Sergei: estimates $500K annual budget to make project sustainable

Larry: wants to keep going even if not working full-time for KSF

John: can’t keep doing what we’re doing

Henry: could add one or two encyclopedias a month to encyclosearch.org as a volunteer

Larry: we want to send email out to public sharing our expenses etc.

Manon: series of shorter emails

Sergei: try GoFundMe

GiveSendGo - Pricing and Fees: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site

Sergei: membership model; https://www.overleaf.com/ for example

Larry: let’s list member benefits, what does package look like

Sergei: sent proposal to Mamo some time ago

John: you have to give members something in return

Sergei: idea is a ChatGPT trained on encyclopedia sources

Larry: we did POC, need to demonstrate more results

John's idea: go the AI route, AI needs encyclopedia data, we could provide it to them for a fee

(Jason’s idea: medallion architecture)

Manon: gov’t grant?

Larry: off the table

Sergei: gov’t funds basic science research

John: application RFPs are dense, very difficult to appy

Manon: there are people who specialize in doing the work

Larry: grant writer

John: look at worst case scenario to eliminate risk

LaCroix: minimize overhead, what can be self-hosted?

Larry: Sergei’s ZWINode is in that vein

Manon: sell a thumb drive with public domain encyclopedias

Larry: has started, taking him considerable time; wants to finish what he started (Gutenberg)


  • Node 1
  • Promote ZWI to archive.org

Larry: back to what to announce about what public can expect for maintenance of what the project has produced

Sergei: enhub.org needs 2TB storage

Sergei: will write his plan up in his own words

John: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xA3kDJD0m14RMQmU9SIR8a1uZJIpLsMKNPlkuLpMtHA/edit#gid=869769818

Tim: https://encycloreader.org/files

Tim: A handful of encyclopedia bibliographies I’ve found so far. My sort from first half of a WorldCat best match sort. I can get any of these through interlibrary loan on my ppld.org library card. That card also gives me access to the UCCS Kraemer Family Library.

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John: Here’s [a couple of starter lists]