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Here are my thoughts on improvements this wiki needs.

  • Populate User:Admin so wiki readers know who to contact.
  • Add logo (Admin)
  • Change URL prefix from to

For server admin:

  • Tim & John have DirectAdmin credentials (for business continuity). DirectAdmin is the system InterServer gives us to adminster / manage our server
  • I now have a ticket open to change email from [email protected] to [email protected] so John can open tickets

(edited from 20:29, 22 January 2024)


  • Done. Please update with ticketing address if you like.
  • Logo, please.
  • Changing URL prefix: yes, quite ugly right now (wouldn't you agree?), and shouldn't be hard to fix (it's a common problem).
  • OK dokey. I don't know what "DirectAdmin creditials" means. I also don't know what "bizcon" means and I must protest against your in-group creating abbreviations. :-)
  • Ticketing: this is also OK with me. Would depend on whether John *wants* to be able to address wiki tickets.

--Lsanger (talk) 10:56, 25 January 2024 (EST)

Second round:

  • I'll update Admin's email
  • Manon is working on it
  • I'll work with John to change URL
  • Sorry about abbreviations. Feedback accepted. I'll write everything out.

Tim (talk) 18:58, 26 January 2024 (EST)