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Proposal name Proposer(s) Relevant Project(s) One-sentence summary
Request for Comments (RFC) Process for KSF Chris W Encyclosphere Project Wiki, Knowledge Standards Foundation A simple, defined process for proposing solutions, and for seeking community input or consensus, on outcomes that impact a wider ecosystem of people.
Standardized reader stat features Larry Sanger, Standardization proposal for page views and unique views for each encyclopedia article.
Sub-encyclopaedia App LaCroix An open-source white-label app that allows for the generation, local storage and browsing of user-curated sub-encyclopaedias.
A general strategy for decentralized knowledge standards Larry Sanger New project(s) The way to solve the problem of centralized and controlled user content is by creating RSS extensions, one each for each significantly different category of content (encyclopedias, book reviews, etc.), and supporting software.
Information blogging guidelines Alex Peek Econ Analysis Tools, Standardization proposal for displaying text information on a webpage.
Christian meta-encyclopedia project idea Larry Sanger New project A call to developers (posted on Twitter) to install ZWINode in order to aggregate encyclopedias and dictionaries of Bible, theology, etc.
Browser plugin or bookmarklet for generating ZWIs Larry Sanger New project
Simple reader for uploaded ZWI files Manon,