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Encyclosophere project list
Project name Lead developer(s) Description Status* Status last updated Sergei Chekanov Website with a configurable search engine of encyclopedias and an article reader, running from a large database of free encyclopedias (an aggregator). This specialized aggregator, run by KSF, is a also a production engine for most ZWI files from 30 encyclopedias. See Maintenance 2024-1-19 Henry Sanger Another Encyclosphere search engine/reader, containing both free (open content) and proprietary (but free-to-read) encyclopedias among the search engine results. See Maintenance 2024-1-25
EncycloShare Shelly Warren WordPress plugin, letting bloggers push signed articles to an aggregator in the Encyclosphere. Maintenance 2024-1-25
ZWINode Sergei Chekanov A single genera node acting as aggregator and editor of articles for Encyclosphere. Can be installed from [1] Active development 2024-1-19
EncycloEngine Henry Sanger Similar to ZWINode, OSS software that runs EncycloSearch; acts as aggregator, search engine, and reader. Active development 2024-1-25
Old Encyclopedia Digitization Project (OEDP) Larry Sanger Generates encyclopedia (ZWI format) files from old public domain encyclopedias. Results are displayed on Maintenance 2024-1-25
Minifeed Dan Decentralized microblogging platform based on WordPress [2] 2022
ZWIMaker Sergei Chekanov Extensions to create ZWI from Mediawiki and DokuWiki. Can be installed from [3] Maintenance 2024-1-19
ZWIBuilder Sergei Chekanov A command-line tool based on Python to create ZWI files from encyclopedia GIT Repo Maintenance 2024-1-19
ZWINetwork Sergei Chekanov A command-line tool based on Python to download and clone ZWI files in the network. Also used by ZWINode Maintenance 2024-1-19
Encyclopedia Listing Tim Chambers Database of websites that we are aware of. As of 2024-02-26 there were 820 entries. [4] Maintenance 2024-1-22
Encyclone Sergei Chekanov Search engine with P2P feature for encyclopedic articles [5] Maintenance 2024-1-19
EncycloCrawler Henry Sanger Crawls encyclopedias, generating a database of ZWI files.
Encyclosphere Chrome Extension Henry Sanger This extension injects results from the Encyclosphere into search engine pages. [6]
Encyclopedia Grading Project John Hampson Grading quality of public domain encyclopedias from, Google Books, etc. To be later used for article extraction in OEDP Maintenance 2023-12-14
Wikipedia Deathrow Louis Articles that are in the Wikipedia's deletion queue; many deserve to be deleted, but some are actually OK, just on obscure topics. Maintenance 2024-02-16

Status types should include:

  • Active development (used when significant development work has been done in the last month)
  • Maintenance (ongoing software or other maintenance, steady attention as necessary, but no significant work done in the last month)
  • Quiescent (made available, but "hidden" from easy public access)
  • Archived (no longer available publicly)