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What is this site?

Welcome to the Encyclosphere project wiki! It's not another encyclopedia. It's a site about the network of all the encyclopedias we call the Encyclosphere, organized by the Knowledge Standards Foundation.

Project participants, please document your work here, in generous detail!

Projects: things you are building (such as websites, software, collections, videos, etc.)

Processes: ongoing tasks (regular writing, software maintenance, irregular communication, etc.)

Personnel: people who are working on the Encyclosphere in any capacity

Proposals: ideas to consider (for developing the Encyclosphere)

Who is this wiki for? It is for employees, contractors, and volunteers with the Knowledge Standards Foundation, but certainly also for other participants in the Encyclosphere project.

Does this site replace Not at all. That site is a public-facing intro to the project. This site helps participants get organized.

What's New?

(So new it's in the future!) next regular virtual meeting will be Friday 2024-03-01 at 2pm U.S. Eastern time. Click to join. We'll have project updates and discussion. Everyone is welcome! You do not need a mic or a camera to participate, but at a minimum you'll need a speaker to hear the conversation. Video stream viewing capability recommended.

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