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Knowledge Standards Foundation


Description: nonprofit that shepherds the Encyclosphere

Project lead(s): Board: Larry Sanger, Tim Chambers, Christian Gribneau; lead developers: Sergei Chekanov, Henry Sanger

Biggest challenge: Create one or two orders of magnitude more encyclopedia (ZWI) files; fundraising

Date Started: fall 2019

The Knowledge Standards Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established to organize the various projects and processes needed to grow the Encyclosphere and keep it running. The Encyclosphere is an open project to crawl, make easily available (via search engines, readers, and APIs), and archive all the encyclopedias (or, for proprietary encyclopedias, metadata about them) in the world.

This wiki is intended to be (or become) a good jumping-off place for learning about how to participate in the Encyclosphere (as a developer or other volunteer). The website is for non-participants to learn about the project. The community confers on ephemera on our Mattermost instance (like Slack: organizational chat). That would probably be the best place to ask any questions.