Information blogging guidelines

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Information blogging guidelines (IBG) is a list of templates and goals for displaying information on a webpage. There are 5 templates and 2 goals listed below.


  • This post is a list of...
  • This post is a collection of...
  • This post is a timeline of...
  • There are __ _____ listed below alphabetically.
  • There are __ _____ listed below chronologically.


  • Minimalism and clarity
  • Standardization across IBG posts
  • Networks of IBG websites and blogs

With the exception of Wikipedia, I believe information on the internet is very disorganized. To address this, we need a standard for displaying text information on a webpage that enables different websites to work together on the same information collection project. I also believe such a standard should have a method for creating small chunks of information. Chunking allows information to exist in a more granular medium which allows greater flexibility when organizing and arranging pieces of information in a directory.

The curators who create directories (or search engines) of IBG posts would be responsible for helping readers find posts and essentially create the network.

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