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Project Info

Encyclosphere Project Wiki

URL: https://wiki.encyclosphere.org/

Description: This wiki is the new (as of January 2024) hub, primarily internally-facing, for collaborative documentation of Knowledge Standards Foundation activities.

Project lead(s): Larry Sanger, Tim Chambers

Biggest challenge: Finish doing an exhaustive (but basic) documentation of our work.

Date Started: January 18, 2024

The Encyclosphere Project WIki (i.e., this site) is not another encyclopedia. It's a site for documenting our progress and other internally-facing information about the network of all the encyclopedias we call the Encyclosphere. While the project is internally-facing, it is publicly available, so that anyone who wants to can learn what they need to get involved. The public-facing, "marketing" website is Encyclosphere.org.

Project participants, please document your work here, in generous detail!

We employ several page types (all in the main namespace) to document our work:

  • Projects are things we are building (such as websites, software, collections, videos, etc.; for example, EncycloReader.
  • Processes are regular activities we do in order to keep the Encyclosphere project up and running; for example, Email Newsletters.
  • Personnel are standardized pages about what different people are doing, or have done, for the Encyclosphere (not user pages); for example, Larry Sanger.

Larry is the wiki editor, while Tim installed the wiki and is its technical manager. Again, all Encyclosphere participants are urged to use this wiki as a single, unified place where we document our work in a semi-permanent way.

See the Main Page for the jumping-off point for the wiki.