Christian meta-encyclopedia project idea

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Larry's tweeted this.

Christian coders!

(And Christian philanthropists, see at end!)

Any interest in creating a meta-encyclopedia of Bible, theology, etc., or perhaps religion in general? The result would be extremely useful to Bible students. Nothing like this currently exists.

Let me share my plans. ("My plans" = what I would do if I had time to execute the project myself. In fact I might just do it myself anyway if I have no takers.)

It would include the enormous, high-quality ISBE as well as the encyclopedias & dictionaries in the upper right part of this page and anything else we can find. I also have a neat little project that will create quick, usable (but imperfect) editions of as-yet undigitized public domain encyclopedias like "A Concise Cyclopedia of Religious Knowledge." If we cast the net widely enough, I believe we fairly easily assemble a collection of 10-30 Bible encyclopedias, representing many dozens of volumes of articles.

The task is very tractable, involving just these steps (as far as I can tell):

1/ choose domain and host (if you want to own it, which would be nice if you are reasonably dependable and can afford it; otherwise we will choose domain and do hosting)

2/ set up dev environment

3/ install ZWINode software:

this combines the roles of file aggregator, search engine, and reader and can be seen in demo form here:

4/ transfer the files themselves from EncycloSearch, EncycloReader, and (maybe) Oldpedia (this can be done easily, in the ZWINode software)

5/ redesign/skin the site. I think ZWINode's default CSS could use some work.

Some of us could probably do this on a Saturday. Would definitely require long-term maintenance because ZWINode is currently being updated regularly.

My inclination is that it should be a Christian encyclopedia, while incorporating (at the user's preference) Jewish and secular articles.

Christian philanthropists: the Knowledge Standards Foundation is running out of money faster than we would like. We *do* need your support for this project and others like it. Please get in touch.