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Here are the notes about the weekly meeting of the Knowledge Standards Foundation.


Robert, John, LaCroix, Sergei, Nancy, Henry, Larry, Manon, Shelly, and Tim

Action Items

Add a "What's New" section to Main Page (done)


Larry update

  • Demo'd autozwi tool progress on using GPT to break up articles
  • The bot even wrote the README
  • We could purchase a cheap LLM and host it ourselves

Discussion about Oldpedia, who is audience? Students & academics

Discussion about A general strategy for decentralized knowledge standards

Discussion led by John about enc:// URI address https://www.iana.org/assignments/uri-schemes/uri-schemes.xhtml

Larry: Would be neat to be able to export all his content from larrysanger.org

Agreement that this topic is much larger than Encyclosphere project

Concern we will lose our focus

Larry: Would be interesting if EncycloReader added RSS for encyclopedia articles

Agreement to try to get AI to process mtg recordings

John: otter.ai is probably the highest tech option to try @Tim ^ also fireflies.ai


  • Let's add a "What's New" section to Main Page
  • Ok for others to put their important changes to the wiki in this new section, too

Tim update

John update

Discussion about creating AI front-end to encyclosphere (Larry asked Louis to do it; Louis seems interested) - ChatGPT Plugin similar to what Consensus is doing with scientific research papers.

Henry update

Working on public key problem

zwi.js library used by EncycloEngine and new cmd line program

Makes it possible for others to make JavaScript apps that use his library

LaCroix update

Discussed his idea EncycloPipe, not ready to add to What's New yet

Larry: still excited about Childrens' Encyclopedia idea

Sergei update

  • Won't be difficult to add RSS to EncycloReader
  • EncycloBack is working, keeps all ZWI files
  • Can't add articles because server has no domain name
  • Domain name is required to sign ZWI
  • Fixed EncycloReader, was broken after crawlers started flooding it with requests
  • Indexing every 20 mins in batches of 10 ZWI files
  • Will take Larry's suggestion to brand websites with "Powered by ZWINode"