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Tim is a technologist and software professional with experience in every part of the software business. His primary hobby is reading and writing on the internet. He also enjoys reading books, bicycling, and hiking. He earned an Sc.B. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He married his college sweetheart. They raised two sons in their home in Colorado and are now grandparents.

Tim is the outgoing Treasurer of the Knowledge Standards Foundation.

Shift here from second person to first person.

I was working part-time for the KSF until March 31st of this year (2024). I was retired from April 1st to today (July 5th). I came out of retirement to write a book. I never got used to being retired. I expect that it will take the rest of my life to get my book published. I remain a volunteer on this project and strive to not out-live my welcome. But my book comes first.

Report for week ending 2024-04-19

Report for week ending 2024-04-12




  • Thinking about how contemporary developments in artificial intelligence affect encyclopedic content on the internet and, more broadly, how to curate wisdom on the internet (including wisdom in all books)
  • Thinking about how Botipedia and the Encyclosphere can collaborate


Below are the four areas I performed outreach. I no longer perform outreach for this project.

  1. Category:Digital Encyclopedia Group
  2. Intro in the TechSoup Forums
  3. Botipedia
  4. Nostr

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